Friday, March 31, 2006

Weekend Pic: Water fowl

Newburry, MA

November 2005

Warning to US companies

wanting to do business with Cuba. Cuba is a deadbeat, owing more than $15 billion to its creditors. The RealCuba has the the story.
The US-Cuba Trade Association has formed a Florida chapter and will hold a state wide business meeting for all Florida based companies interested in trade with Cuba on April 13 in Orlando at the Citrus Club.

Latino free day, 12 million less

The organizers of the recent immigration demonstrations have called for national boycott of latino workers. A latino free day. So if you speak latin or lived during ancient Roman times, you get a day off on May 1. This is the same day that all worker slaves in communist and socialist countries get off from work, and which they are forced to celebrate by marching in front of their dictator masters. It is no coincidence that this is the day that the activists have hidden agenda here.
Latinos Plan Nationwide Worker Strike

Hispanic groups in the U.S. are planning a major boycott of American life dubbed a ”day without Latinos” to protest proposed legislation that would criminalize illegal immigration.

Mexican American Political Association (MAPA) President Nativo Lopez, one of the organizers of the recent protests in Los Angeles that saw at least 500,000 people take to the streets, said the May 1 "day without Latinos” would send a stern message to Washington.

"We are looking forward to a major action in all large U.S. cities where immigrants make up a significant proportion of the workforce,” Lopez told Agence France-Presse.

"We are asking people not to go to school, or work, or shopping, and instead to go out and protest against the racist and inhumane measures in this bill.” Read more.
Support our latino brothers, drink Heinekens not Coronas.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

You are cordially invited to attend

A flag burning gathering. A So. Cal. radio station announced that the Minuteman Project would be gathering today in downtown Los Angeles for a Mexican flag burning protest. The group is upset with the disrespecful way in which the American flag has been used during recent immigration protests, or not used at all.

I say, two wrongs don't make a right, but stay tuned.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Signs of the reconquista

Via Michelle Malkin with piñata and all.

Do these people have their head up their ass...

or up castro's?

United Left blocks parliamentary resolution against Castro

The Communist United Left yesterday blocked Spain's Congress of Deputies from passing a non-binding resolution, agreed upon by the rest of the political parties, censuring the "new deterioration" of the human rights situation in Cuba. The PP-backed resolution needed unanimity among all parties with representation in Congress. The United Left spokesman criticized the PP for being "the voice of the United States," and claimed that "Cuba has social welfare conditions much better than the countries that surround it." According to the Communists, this allegation means that Cuba enjoys "human rights of the first magnitude." Though they admit that the political system there "could be improved," they demand that any changes come "exclusively from the Cubans."
Do exile Cubans count?

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Fasting in solaridarity with Guillermo Fariñas

Bitacora Cubana reports that in Cuba a fasting chain in support of freedom of speech hero Guillermo Fariñas was started Thursday, March 23 by members of the Feminine Front Marta Abreu. This was repeated and continued at the heaquarters of various other organizations, including the Maceístas for Dignity, the Liberal Party of Cuba, Human Rights of Cuba, and closing the fasting chain on Monday, March 27 was the group Movement for Democracy.

Fariñas who has been on a hunger strike for more than 55 days was the unifying force for today's blogburst, to bring his plight to the light of the world. And it looks like he is having the same affect inside Cuba; unifying in solaridarity the various organizations, whose member do so at great personal risk.

En la unión está la fuerza. There is strenght in numbers.

Monday, March 27, 2006

The Fariñas silence (Update)

A person who ceases the intake of food for a prolonged amount of time will first begin to loose weight followed by a vitamin and mineral deficiency which will lead to other health problems, simply put, starvation. Guillermo “Coco” Fariñas began his self imposed starvation process more than 50 days ago. Mr. Fariñas will soon die, which is an end to a starvation process, unless the Cuban government allows Mr. Fariñas one simple, miniscule request, ACCESS TO THE INTERNET! Let me repeat it just in case you did not see it coming, ACCESS TO THE INTERNET!
“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.” - Amendment I of the United States Constitution
How many of us take this for granted? How many of us are willing to die for it? Fariñas is not protected by our Constitution, but he is willing to die for the same principles. But no one is listening, he is simply wasting away. Tourists continue to visit the communist paradise, stay in “no Cubans allowed” luxury hotels, push back plates of food that could feed an entire Cuban family, but no one goes back to their countries to tell about Fariñas. Is it that no one cares? Perhaps or perhaps you just don't know about it. When you look at it from afar it does seem kind of absurd to die just for internet access. Even more absurd is killing a man for the same reason, which is what the Cuban government is doing.

Let’s get back to this starvation thing. Once the majority of the fat is broken down, the energy requirements are met by muscle breakdown, this will rapidly lead to death as the vitals muscles stop working, a failure of the major organs and then DEATH. Most experts agree that death is a sure thing some time after 50 days after starting the starvation process, assuming that the person had relatively good health and good weight to being with. Fariñas has been starving for more than 50 days. Will anyone notice?

If you are reading this story and it upsets you, call your local government representative, send an e-mail to your newspaper, call the head of your church or whatever religious organization you belong to…pass the word, and pray for Fariñas’ health and a change of heart from the Cuban government.
"The king should grant freedom of speech to those with good judgment so that his friends can help him decide, his friends being not those who praise all he does but those who criticize his mistakes". -Isocrates to the rulers of Salamis on Cyprus.
Bloggers covering Fariñas to bring his struggle to light.

Babalu - Let me be buried on this spot!
Uncomoon Sense - Fariñas is an outlaw, and a hero.
The Real Cuba - Guillermo Fariñas is dying! What are you doing about it?
The 26th Parallel - Blogging for Coco
Texidor Blog - Guillermo Fariñas - Vicotorious unknown
Publius Pundit - Cuba's Internet struggle
La Ventanita - The Value of Freedom
Killcastro - A light that blinds the tyrant
El Cafe Cubano - Fariñas blogburst
Blog for Cuba - Dying for freedom
¡Ya No Más!
Shrink Wrapped - Thought Control, Totalitarian Ideologies, & Guillermo Fariñas
Chez Diva - Guillermo Farinas is Cuba
Michelle Malkin - A Cuban journalist is starving
Cuban-American Pundits - What to write?

The American Thinker - Support Cuba's Guillermo Farinas
Reporter without borders - Call for humanitarian gesture towards two journalists on hunger strike

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Zero divided by zero

is still zero.
No dinero for Cubans from WBC

Cuba's prize money from the first World Baseball Classic has become collateral damage in the four-decade battle between President Fidel Castro and the U.S. Castro said he wanted to donate the money to victims of Hurricane Katrina, but U.S. officials say Cuba isn't getting any prize money. Under the 1962 U.S. trade embargo, Havana had to forfeit its cut to get U.S. approval to play.

Ramón Colás tells his story

I should start by commeding the staff at Marshfield Public Library, Wisconsin for their forsight in having Mr. Ramón Colás, co-founder of the ILC tell his story. I can't imagine Mr. Colás getting a big audience, after all it is a story about censorship, and very few are interested in censorship. Isn't Guillermo "Coco" Fariñas on the brink of death, because the Cuban government will not allow him access to the Internet? And yet, I bet that not a single person attending Mr. Colás' presentation knows about Fariñas. Does Colás know about Fariñas?
Speaker talks about life in Cuba without books

When Ramón Colás began distributing books under Cuba's totalitarian leadership in 1998, he viewed it as a service to the nation. The government saw it in a different light and persecuted him for it.

Colás is co-founders of the Independent Libraries of Cuba, a civil society initiative that reflects the desire of Cubans to study in neutral spaces free of ideology. Independent librarians lend their homes to provide the service.

Ironically, the organization began with the words of Fidel Castro.

"No, there are no books that are prohibited. We just don't have the money to buy them," Colás said Castro told foreign media.

"When Castro said that, I found a great fissure," Colás said. Read the rest of the story.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Homosexuals should be shot...

So declares the mother of Ollanta Humara, Elena Tasso. Humara is running for president in Perú on a nationalist agenda. The article in Spanish appears in El Mercurio Online, where she goes on to say that homosexuality is a "grave moral problem."
"Yo les apuesto a ustedes que con dos violadores fusilados ya no habría más violaciones. Y con dos homosexuales que se fusilen ya no habría en la calle tanta inmoralidad", dijo Tasso en entrevista que publica hoy el diario sensacionalista limeño "Extra".
Translation: "And I bet you that with two violators shot, there would be no more violations. And with two homosexuals that are killed there would be less inmorality in the street."

Link to rest of the story in Spanish.

Friday, March 24, 2006

Thinking outside of the box...for Fariñas

And acting on it, is exactly what Killcastro has done, and now one more person of note knows about Fariña's plight.

Weekend Pic: Green Iguana

Beach in St. Marteen


July 2005.

Let the real game begin

In an effort to save face about the lies over the money that never was, the castroit regurgitator Granma, responds.
Dirty game against Cuba announced in Miami

• Attempt to ignore Cuba’s decision to donate earnings that legitimately should go to our country to victims of Hurricane Katrina

IN its on-line edition last night (Thursday) and its printed edition today, the U.S. newspaper El Nuevo Herald published an insidious article titled "U.S. and Cuba clash over World Classic earnings," which, citing a so-called spokesman for baseball’s Major Leagues, attempts to ignore Cuba’s decision to donate to the victims of Hurricane Katrina earnings that legitimately should go to our country for having won second place in the tournament, which would not be handed over to Cuba by virtue of the criminal and shameful laws of the blockade. Continued.

KC from Canada is back from Cuba

And she had a blast. Stayed at a fancy resort, there was plenty of food; although, it lacked variety. But this one week in Cuba changed KC's views of the island.
Before I left, I didn't know much about Cuba other than the fact that it was Communist and doesn't get along well with the US. It was quite an eye opener being there. All the people seem genuinely happy.
And she made new friends.
A lady I met there had said it was her 16th time to Cuba, and the quality of our food was just as good as anywhere.
KC are you aware that Cubans are not allowed to enter or visit anyone at those fancy tourist hotels? Are you aware that there are poeple in Cuba, such as Guillermo Fariñas that are on a hunger strike for the freedoms that you and I take for granted, such as access to the internet? And KC, did you know that the "mediocre" meat that you were served a the hotel is only a dream to Cubans? KC, next time to take your vacation in the communist a little more inquisitive.

Ignorance is a bliss! Next trip, planet Mars.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

50 Days

From Babalu

Is not Cuban charity

The Cuban baseball players are now in Cuba after having their ass kicked by the Japanese team; "welcomed as heroes," the Cubans that is. But wouldn't you know it, the Comediante en Jefe in his welcome speech talked about how "his" share of the proceeds from revenue taken in by the WBC will go the Katrina Victims. However, this is being reported as if it where a charitable contribution on behalf of the benevolent dictator, instead as the contractual condition that permitted the Cubans to be in the games in the first place. So here is the propaganda angle: no one defected, because the revolution is solid and the people are 100% with fidel, Cuba is the most charitable nation in the world with almost 100 thousand doctors doing the lord's (fidel) work around the world, and Cuba will donate their share for their WBC participation to Katrina victims. By the way, what organization will be responsible accepting and for administering the dispensation of the funds "given" by the Cubans?
"Whatever we get will be used there for the martyrs of Katrina, be it one million (dollars), two, three or four," Castro said in a speech.

"The money will go there without any doubt and with great satisfaction, because it will heighten the moral of our athletes."
Link to story.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Spotting the idiot!

Ché on the Cuban flag is not a political statement...according to Bud Selig.

Monday, March 20, 2006

10 to 6

They came from the east and subdued the beast!!

Cuban team in shackles

Here is an article by Jesse Sanchez for about the Cuban team, now headed for their final encounter with Japan in the WBC finals.

The team is in one of the most beautiful cities of America, San Diego, which is riddled with fabulous entertainment and plenty of great siteseeing opportunities. But where do they take the team to a Habitat for Humanity construction site. Nothing against HFH, my son started his high school chapter and we are proud contributors. But believe me, there is nothing that the Cuban players can do to move the project forward, except that it may complete some type of promise made by fidel (for the Mariel fiasco) with President Jimmy "the peanut farmer" Carter.
If the Cuban officials decide it is a good idea to visit the Habitat for Humanity project near PETCO Park like they also did Sunday, that's what they do.
And they also decide when the players should speak. In the same way that Bud Selig (or fidel) decides when free speech is allowed at the ball parks.
Just like in the Major Leagues, Cuban players laugh and joke around before the start of most games. Unlike in the Major Leagues, Cuban players are always aware that a country official is watching them so they choose their words carefully.
A fan at Saturday's game in the seat in front of me kept saying, "look how happy they are," the Cubans he ment. The fan had the look a Californian surfer dude in his early 50's, but totally cool with fidel. At one point he indicated to his neighbor that he had been in Cuba. He pretty much represented the audience at Petco Park on Saturday.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

E-Mail from Enrique

Yesterday, I saw in person the Cubans defeat Santo Domingo at Petco Park in San Diego. I posted the photos ealier today. I have been wondering how to put into words what I saw, my impressions and what felt when I was there. Perhaps at a later time, when I am better composed I will write about it. For now I think that the following e-mail received earlier today from Enrique (from Puerto Rico) talks of that unexplainable disappointing feeling.

El Cafe Cubano
and Blog for Cuba have printed the e-mail in its entirety.


[Click on any photo to see the entire set]

Originally uploaded by El Confeti.

These ladies had their Cuban flags and umbrellas wrapped in the Cuban flag. Because of the message "Viva Cuba Libre," Park security kept visiting, but the flag was never taken away, they were allow to stay, and the message did make it to the big screen.



¡Viva Cuba Libre!


Originally uploaded by El Confeti.
It was a cold 56 F at 10:00 hours when Petco Park first opened its doors to let the fans in. This man was located in center left field, where the sun had turned its back. The Cuban flag provided warmth.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Off to San Diego

I am off to San Diego to see the Cuba vs. Santo Domingo baseball game. Thanks to Mr. Bud Selig, pictured left, PETCO Park (the stadium) will be a "free speech" free zone. Therefore, in honor of those who protested in Puerto Rico, I leave the following message.

Friday, March 17, 2006

Weekend Pic: Green and Red

Busch Gardens, Tampa, FL

August 2004.

ICE on standby at PETCO for Cubans

Here is an article from the Union-Tribune (San Diego) that is probably so blinded by its eagerness to malign Miami Cuban-Americans that forgets that the WBC game where protesters held up ¡Abajo Castro! signs and wore t-shirts spelling out the same actually took place in Puerto Rico. The newspaper cites this event as taking place in Miami. I guess that Miami is the only place that freedom loving Cubans live.
Cuba's Communist government, led by Castro, remains a political hot button for many Americans. When Cuba played in a World Baseball Classic game last week in Miami, a group of people in the stands caused a scuffle when they wore shirts declaring “Abajo Fidel” (Down With Fidel).
But here is the section in the article that really caught my attention, in a positive way, as the Cubans get ready to battle the Dominicans at PETCO Park this Saturday in San Diego.
On a separate issue, the San Diego branch of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement is prepared to step in this weekend if needed.

“In immigration-related matters, we would take the lead role,” ICE spokeswoman Lauren Mack said.

In other words, if a foreign ballplayer seeks asylum in San Diego, ICE will provide him with protective custody. Cuban players have defected to the United States in the past, and Cuba has banned those players from its squad.

Whole article.
I'll be at the park with my largest SUV, it sits 8, and the roof rack can accomodate more.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Great quote

Via the NY Times:
SAN JUAN, P.R., March 13 — As the Cuban baseball team prepared to bat in the fourth inning Monday, 10 fans in Section 2, Row P, stood in unison behind the plate and removed their shirts. Underneath, all 10 wore white T-shirts, and each one bore a red letter. The T-shirts spelled out A-B-A-J-O F-I-D-E-L, which translated means "Down With Fidel."

The fans silently delivered their message against Cuban President Fidel Castro for about five minutes and diverted some attention from a World Baseball Classic game that the Dominican Republic won, 7-3. Other fans disapproved of the political statement, presumably because it interfered with baseball, and chanted, "Fuera, fuera." That meant they wanted the 10 spectators to get out.

"We want down with Fidel," said Carlos Leal, one of the protesters. "This is a good opportunity to show the world that we want free elections in Cuba, the same thing as in the U.S."

When Leal, a Cuban who lives here, was asked if the group had been inspired by a fan who held an "Abajo Fidel" sign at Cuba's game against the Netherlands last Thursday, he said that its motivation was hatched much earlier.
And now for the quote that says it all!

"We've been getting this idea for the last 40 years," Leal said.
Read more.

Photo plucked from The Real Cuba.

Cuba's only god

In castro's Cuba, people are allowed to openly pray and worship; the maximum demigod that is. These castrista worshipers, idiots for short, can be found all over the world, but non with the overtly open displayed fervor of followers in the likes of Jesse Jackson, the National Council of Churches and the Hollywood elite. Hook to Blog for Cuba and Stopncc.

Our own government is not too far behind. From the Miami Herald.
Members of Congress opposed to the U.S. embargo of Cuba are meeting with administration officials in Washington today to discuss what they say are new restrictions on religious travel to Cuba, said Matthew Specht, a spokesman for Rep. Jeff Flake, R-Ariz.
But, wait there is more! This is where the castristas are blinded in their zealot commitment to the one and only demigod. They never see the truth or try to confront it.
Responding to the growth of evangelical Christianity in Cuba, Fidel Castro's government issued new measures regulating worship in home churches or casas culto as the formerly illegal practice continues to spread. Read more.
Religion en Revolución reports (in Spanish) of the recent arrest of 11 pastors caught in the illegal act of praying to only one God (em).

Friday, March 10, 2006

Weekend Pic: Washington Monument. NOT!

Bunker Hill Monument in Boston, Mass.

November 2005.

Mexico bends over for fidel

The Diario de Yucatán (in Spanish) writes about another 6 Cubans rafters arriving on the coast of Mexico, this time in the state of Quintana Roo. They have been detained! In Mexican lingo, this means arrested. Their failed goal was to reach the United States. There are 500 such arrivals of Cubans in Mexico each year. The Mexicans authority simply puts them under arrest, until the Cuban master, owner of the biggest slave plantation in the world, decides that they are to be returned. Here is an opinion piece published in the The Californian, poiting out the incredible disparity between how the US treats illegals and the treatment of illegals in Mexico.

Taking a lesson from Mexico

With all the weeping and gnashing of teeth over the treatment of illegal immigrants in this country, no one has yet argued that the conditions under which they are jailed are less than humane.

Perhaps we're just too kind. Maybe we should revisit the quality of the temporary housing illegal immigrants receive at the expense of taxpayers. Just because we educate their children for free, care for their ill for free and employ them off the books to the extent that they can afford to send an estimated $10 billion a year back to their families in Mexico, doesn't mean we have to be particularly accommodating when we incarcerate the ones we actually arrest and are preparing to send back across the border.

Surely, there must be some substandard lockups somewhere in this country where we could house them.We could crowd them in to the degree that inmates in the nation's "overcrowded" prisons would by comparison be spending their sentences on the wide-open spaces of the Ponderosa. And beds. They don't need no stinkin' beds. Concrete floors would work.The delicious part of this plan is that Mexican officials would understand.

Read the rest of the story here.

Meanwhile the Cubans that caused a disturbance in a Mexican "dentention" center protesting their situation will not be granted asylum, and may be facing criminal charges. Read here (in Spanish).

A final observation are the ages of the 6 Cubans that arrived at Q. Roo. The youngest is 19 and the oldest is 31 years old. That is to say, they were born after 1959, after the triumph of "glorious" revulsion (no misspelling here), which is to say they have very little experience about of any other type system, but the human soul yearns to breathe the air of a free destiny. That is why there is only one direction for the rafters, away from 47 years of darkness and hopelessness.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

C'est le fromage du U.N.

So here is a U.N. envoy, a "special" envoy expressing "alarm" for the conditions and deplorable "treatment in Cuban jails." So far so good. But whose fault is it? The dictator for life? NO! It's the "U.S. economic embargo" that's who. Is this from first hand knowledge?...also a rotund NO! Christine Chanet has not set foot on the island, because she has not been allowed. It is great that Ms. Chanet is calling attention to the treatment of Cuban prisioners, and maybe this applies a little bit of pressure, but I think she is facing the wrong way.

Read the story here.

H/T: ¡Ya No Mas!

No dentists for castro

So it looks like the Bahamiam government will do the right thing after all with the Cuban dentists currently detained in the Bahamas. From the Bahama Journal: The "Prime Minister Perry Christie has assured U.S. Ambassador John Rood that they will not be returned to Cuba."

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Arriba fidel under construction

Deborah Dupont is an artist from Austin, TX that creates beautiful paintings. Her style and medium is unique. She works from black and white photographs, then colors them to create a unique work of art. I recently visited her webpage for the purpose of looking and selecting a piece that I could give my wife for Mother's Day. However, I noticed that in her portfolio under Cuba she has a piece under construction called "Arriba fidel. " I almost wrote the artist to inquire about the content of this new work of art, since a picture is not yet available. I did not. In my heart I knew that I would be extremely disappointed. I'll keep on looking!

Mexico: No asylum for Cubans

There are over 11 million illegal immigrants currently in the US that are mostly Mexican. Now there is talk that the Bush adminstration is considering issuing a "gold card" to illegals already in the country and extend it to a guess worker type program (H/T: Michelle Malkin). Therefore, no one goes home, more are welcomed, and illegal Mexicans get a free pass. Meanwhile, Cubans escaping tyranny arriving on Mexican shores are thrown into jail for months on end, until the communist despot decides that it is time to return them to the island.
Mexico tightens security for Cuba migrants

Associated Press Writer

MEXICO CITY (AP) -- The Mexican government said Tuesday it was stepping up security at detention centers for illegal Cuban migrants after a group of detainees fought police officers and held a guard against his will - the seventh uprising or mass escape by Cubans in a year.

Officials also will deny political asylum to those involved in the latest conflict. More.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Cristal will have to do

I've had a full day of work, and frankly I am too tired to even read the news. So I thought a little fun is in order.

This will probably get you 20 years in a Cuban prision.

Monday, March 06, 2006

Cuban characters

The picture you see here was lifted from Pravda. I mention this only to point out that it is representative of the photos that the Cuban government uses in its advertisement of the communist paradise. A look that is comically sad. Are these the Mickey Mouse and Goofys of the island? It is sad to think of all the ignorant and idiotic tourists that are lured to the island believing that this is the way a Cuban is supposed look.

Am I being oversensitive, or are these just unemployed medical professionsals helping out Cuban tourist industry?

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Ramón Saúl Sánchez: In the path of Ghandi

Cuban exile activist is an advocate for a nonviolent protests

By Madeline Baró Diaz
Miami Bureau

March 3, 2006

MIAMI · Ramón Saúl Sánchez can't sit down to a plate of chicken, black beans and rice at a Cuban restaurant without getting unsolicited advice.

"Take it easy," a fellow diner told him recently. "Go slow."

Sánchez laughed. He understood her concern. A week before he had wrapped up an 11-day hunger strike, wasting away on the nightly news.

It was nothing new for the Cuban exile activist known for dramatic protests, who has declared himself a follower of the nonviolent paths set by Gandhi and The Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.
Link here to the rest of the story.

Tentative scheduled meeting with the White House for March 8.

Leftwinger MP and useful Idiot

My idea of paradise is...

Cuba: sun, sea, socialism, tobacco and beautiful girls! I've been many times in dark days and fine, and I'm going again soon because I'm writing the Fidel Castro biography, which should be out in October. The writing's mainly done, but I have to make a final choice of pictures from various archives in Cuba.
George Galloway, MP

Friday, March 03, 2006

Weekend Pic: Nubble Lighthouse

Erected in 1879. Located in York, Maine it is the "most photographed" lighthouse in America. I don't believe this, I only took six photos.

TV for the masses

Mind torture! Now they get to endure 5-hours of telivised speeches by the comemierda dictator. The hills no longer offer protection!

From the castrati regurgitator: Cuba Expands Broadcasting

Thursday, March 02, 2006

So it is not really "free"

From the All Africa:
Liberian Students Face Hardship in Cuba

The NEWS (Monrovia)

Three Liberian students studying in Cuba have complained of hardship in that country. The students said they have been abandoned by past administrations since they traveled to that country in 2002.

The three students, Kesselly Kanneh, Patrick Konuwa and Famaha Wanuker said they are facing extreme hardship with little or no money to get around.

According to the students, they are on a scholarship program but since their arrival they have not received subsidy from government.

Speaking to this paper in a telephone interview from Cuba, the three students appealed to the government of President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf about their condition

"It is not easy in Cuba?we are dying here, and there is no money to get around," Patrick Conuwa emphasized.

The three students, who are studying physical rehabilitation and sports, disclosed that their passports have expired and there's no way of renewing them.

"We have written past governments to come to our rescue but to no avail?therefore we are appealing to President Sirleaf to come to our aid," the students who will be graduating next year pleaded.
African students complaining about how difficult it is to be in Cuba. If there is such a thing a the Fourth World, then Cuba is there.

No Visa For YOU!!

Visas were denied to Cuban literati, among these were "philosophers, economists, and historians." Lets see communist philosphers, and economists, how would they be quoted: "Communism is for the most part less profitable than capitalism."

Link to story.
Cuban Academics Denied Visas for Meeting

HAVANA Cuban academics hoping to attend a gathering of Latin America experts in Puerto Rico were denied visas by the American government, marking the latest in the current U.S. administration's trend of shutting out Cubans.

Some 55 philosophers, economists, and historians were told last week they'd be unable to travel to this month's Latin American Studies Association congress in San Juan. Visa requests for four academics were still pending, said Sheryl Lutjens, an American political science professor at Northern Arizona University.

"These people represent strong scholars who think critically and who are often experts in their area where there are no others," said Lutjens, who co-chairs the association's Cuba section and is currently visiting the country. "This is alarming."

Finish reading here.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

The cholocate comandante Nagin!

Fatigues, cigar, iconic communist hero type cap...reminds you of anyone? (H/T: LFG)

Cuba is a dangerous place for travelers

The Canada Free Press writes that
Being lost at sea in the coastal waters of Castro’s Cuba is the wrong place to be. The communist regime of Fidel Castro leaves the shipwrecked to the mercy of sharks and rogue waves.
What's sad about this story is that it is not a warning to rafters who risk their very lifes with or without castro's help to escape the island prision. Very few care about them. This is a warning to Canadian and other pleasure seekers, that travel into Cuban coastal waters in their luxury yatchs. It is about tourists who have no problem visiting and enjoying the communist paradise (what an oxymoron) as long as they are personally unaffected by communist thuggery.

Link to the rest of the story.

Remember Czech model Helena Houdova and here. The RealCuba has a couple of additional stories about Canadian travelers and their Cuba ordeal.

Hoink for pigs

H/T: LFG: Pigs Are Our Friends and Groink - National Pig Day

UMMMM. Lechón.