Friday, March 24, 2006

KC from Canada is back from Cuba

And she had a blast. Stayed at a fancy resort, there was plenty of food; although, it lacked variety. But this one week in Cuba changed KC's views of the island.
Before I left, I didn't know much about Cuba other than the fact that it was Communist and doesn't get along well with the US. It was quite an eye opener being there. All the people seem genuinely happy.
And she made new friends.
A lady I met there had said it was her 16th time to Cuba, and the quality of our food was just as good as anywhere.
KC are you aware that Cubans are not allowed to enter or visit anyone at those fancy tourist hotels? Are you aware that there are poeple in Cuba, such as Guillermo Fariñas that are on a hunger strike for the freedoms that you and I take for granted, such as access to the internet? And KC, did you know that the "mediocre" meat that you were served a the hotel is only a dream to Cubans? KC, next time to take your vacation in the communist a little more inquisitive.

Ignorance is a bliss! Next trip, planet Mars.


Albert Perales said...

These folks who go to Cuba could give a rat's ass how the Cubans live. This is like Lazarus at the foot of the richman's table.
What the heck was she expecting from a Communist country? She's an total idiot.

Orlando said...

What amazes me is that in one week, their whole perpective changes as they sip mojitos in their "no Cubans allowed" hotels.