Tuesday, May 27, 2008

But they can own cell phones, right?

Chile remains the Latin American nation with the highest technology level, while Cuba again is the worst.
And this in spite of castro II relaxing the ability for Cubans to own technology.

The new freedoms under castro II

Things are sure improving under castro II. The government has all the freedom to bust your head open whenever they feel like it.

Cuba dissidents say police raid meeting

HAVANA (AP) — Cuban police violently broke up a dissidents' meeting, leaving at least two people in need of medical treatment, opposition sources said Monday.

At least 30 people were detained briefly after a weekend raid on the home of well-known dissident Jorge Luis "Atunez" Garcia Perez in the central city of Placetas, opposition leader Martha Beatriz Roque said in a communique sent to journalists by fax.

Veteran dissident Elizardo Sanchez said he independently confirmed the details of the raid and that all who were detained were later released.

At least two people needed medical care, including one man who required a head X-ray, and were later sent home, said Sanchez, head of the Cuban Commission on Human Rights and National Reconciliation.

"This is the most violent police action we have seen in many months," he said.