Thursday, August 30, 2007

Cuban spies harass dissidents- in Miami

Apparently it does not matter if you are a dissident in Cuba or one that has fled to Miami. The castroit thugs continue to harass, even if these dissidents now live in Miami. This story is told by once such prominent dissident living in Miami since 2004: Adela Soto Alvarez

La hipocresia mexicana

Mexico has a problem when the USA deports its citizens that enter this country illegally. They believe that the border should should be open, sometimes even providing maps, water and supplies to help them in their journey North. But this help is exclusively for Mexicans. Such hypocrites! However, they are quick to incarcerate, abuse, mistreat and deport those that enter Mexico without the appropriate documentation.

Estación migratoria de Tapachula mantiene a 120 cubanos retenidos

Notimex / La Jornada On Line

Ingresaron ilegalmente a territorio mexicano a través de lanchas.

Tapachula, Chis. Un total de 120 cubanos permanecen retenidos en la estación migratoria de Tapachula, con base en un procedimiento administrativo al haber ingresado ilegalmente a territorio mexicano mediante lanchas y balsas.

En entrevista, el delegado regional del Instituto Nacional de Migración (INM) en Chiapas, Rafael Pretelín, dijo que los extranjeros están en espera de una resolución a su situación jurídica.

Por otro lado, dio a conocer que en los primeros siete meses del año, el INM en Chiapas aseguró y repatrió a 37 mil 933 extranjeros. De ellos, detalló, 23 mil 626 son originarios de Guatemala, seis mil 390 de Honduras, seis mil 306 de El Salvador, mil 42 de Nicaragua, 168 de Cuba, 79 de Ecuador, 41 de China, 75 de Brasil, 18 de Bangladesh y el resto de diversas naciones del mundo.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Not an aspirin but 4x the weapons

Could it be that one of the reason the cadaver has not been unveiled to the Cuban people is because raul castro is not ready for an uprising? Not all the weapons have been upgraded.

Cuba upgrading its weapons

From correspondents in Havana

August 28, 2007 07:20am

CUBA has been upgrading its military arsenal since President Fidel Castro fell ill 13 months ago, to defend itself against a possible US invasion, senior officers said today.

"In the irregular combat [as opposed to regular] we would face in Cuba in case of an invasion, the engineering, infantry and artillery systems we produce and repair here are of vital importance, because they're designed for the aggressor's direct assault," said Lieutenant-Colonel Pascual Machado, chief coordinator of Cuba's Military Industrial Firm (EMI).

EMI director Colonel Arturo Torres told the Trabajadores newspaper the facilities he runs "have increased their production level since 1998 more than fourfold".

Weapon systems that have been upgraded in precision targeting and destructive capabilities include munitions, grenades, land mines and anti-tank rockets, Trabajadores said.

As an example, the weekly said a laser-guided targeting system called VLMA [as in Cuba’s now dead First Ho, Vilma?], has boosted the AK-M automatic rifle's precision by 80-90 per cent [now you can get hit a Cuban citizen at 400 yards from atop the Hotel Melia], regardless of the shooter's skill level [even Elian can use it].

Interim Cuban President Fidel Castro [I thought the interim dictator was raul, fidel is dead. Is he coming back?], on Cuba's July 26 national day, urged the successor [that would be castro’s handpicked President Hillbama as coined by our friends a Killcastro and VP John Edwards] of US President George W. Bush to seek an end to more than a half century of US-Cuban enmity through dialogue.

Washington said talks would be possible only if Cuba turned to democracy.

Raul, 76, who was appointed to Cuba's top post after Fidel, 81, underwent delicate surgery on July 31, 2006, also warned that Cuba was ready to defend itself if needed [to kill as many dissidents as possible].

Raul said special military operation Caguairan, put in place following Castro's illness, would finish at the end of next year [are they going to keep the cadaver on ice for that long?] - US presidential elections take place in November next year.

Fidel Castro, who has been writing regularly in Cuba's leading newspapers since March, in a June article said Cuba should continue producing and buying weapons to defend itself from the "growing aggression" of the Bush administration [Bush doen’t even know where Cuba is, he is working on amnesty for 12 million illegals, which about equal to Cuba’s population].

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Preparing to vault

How does one win citizenship, I though that it is earned. I guess when it comes to Argentina citizenship is like winning the lottery, and so it seems that daughter of the Butcher of the Cabaña had the right numbers, the right pedigree.

The news that Celia Guevara March , 44, had obtained Argentine citizenship last January sparked speculation that she and other members of her family had begun making plans to leave the island nation after Cuban leader Fidel Castro fell ill last July. Read more [here].

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Not until they drag him through the streets

It seems that we keep falling for the same gag over and over again. When are we going to learn? Wouldn't it be better to wait and see, before celebrating rumors? For 50 years we have fallen for similar rumors, for false hopes, only to see the devil rise again. There will be no swift demise for this one, and only God will decide when.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Perez risks credibility

The celebrity gossip blog PerezHilton ( a Cuban) better known for spreading rumors about Britney and Paris, stands by the rumor that the monstrous coma-andante is definitely dead!

Other maintaining the same stance:
Val at Babalú
Ziva at Blog for Cuba

Friday, August 24, 2007

Here we go again!

One of my employees just called to tell that the Internet is riddled with news of the death of the Coma Andante, and to tell me that we did not win the lottery. We shared buying a ticket in California's Super Lotto. If the bestia is dead, then I have won, and so have million of Cubans. ¡Ojalá sea verdad!