Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Is not Cuban charity

The Cuban baseball players are now in Cuba after having their ass kicked by the Japanese team; "welcomed as heroes," the Cubans that is. But wouldn't you know it, the Comediante en Jefe in his welcome speech talked about how "his" share of the proceeds from revenue taken in by the WBC will go the Katrina Victims. However, this is being reported as if it where a charitable contribution on behalf of the benevolent dictator, instead as the contractual condition that permitted the Cubans to be in the games in the first place. So here is the propaganda angle: no one defected, because the revolution is solid and the people are 100% with fidel, Cuba is the most charitable nation in the world with almost 100 thousand doctors doing the lord's (fidel) work around the world, and Cuba will donate their share for their WBC participation to Katrina victims. By the way, what organization will be responsible accepting and for administering the dispensation of the funds "given" by the Cubans?
"Whatever we get will be used there for the martyrs of Katrina, be it one million (dollars), two, three or four," Castro said in a speech.

"The money will go there without any doubt and with great satisfaction, because it will heighten the moral of our athletes."
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