Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Cuba is a dangerous place for travelers

The Canada Free Press writes that
Being lost at sea in the coastal waters of Castro’s Cuba is the wrong place to be. The communist regime of Fidel Castro leaves the shipwrecked to the mercy of sharks and rogue waves.
What's sad about this story is that it is not a warning to rafters who risk their very lifes with or without castro's help to escape the island prision. Very few care about them. This is a warning to Canadian and other pleasure seekers, that travel into Cuban coastal waters in their luxury yatchs. It is about tourists who have no problem visiting and enjoying the communist paradise (what an oxymoron) as long as they are personally unaffected by communist thuggery.

Link to the rest of the story.

Remember Czech model Helena Houdova and here. The RealCuba has a couple of additional stories about Canadian travelers and their Cuba ordeal.

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