Saturday, February 25, 2006

Beauty releases photos

Czech model releases the photos that the Cuban government does not want anyone to see.

(From CeskeNovini):
Top model unveils photos that angered Cuban regime

PRAGUE- Miss Czech Republic from 1999, top model Helena Houdova, today unveiled about 20 of her photos she made during her stay in Cuba in January and for which she was detained by the Cuban police.

Former president Vaclav Havel came to see the exhibition to Prague's Galerie Langhans.

With her photos, Houdova wanted to show the life of the residents of poor parts of Cuban towns. Houdova lives in the USA where she works as a model and tries to raise money in support of handicapped children in nine countries. While in Cuba, she wanted to find out how she could help local children, she said earlier.

"I do not like to photograph fashion. I like reality," Houdova told CTK at the opening of her exhibition called "What you Must Not See."

The exhibition was staged by the People in Need group. The proceeds will be given to the families of Cuban political prisoners, Igor Blazevic from the People in Need said.

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Marta Salazar said...

Hi! I want to see the fotos of zhe children of Cuba! The fotos who take Helena & Mariana!