Thursday, March 16, 2006

Great quote

Via the NY Times:
SAN JUAN, P.R., March 13 — As the Cuban baseball team prepared to bat in the fourth inning Monday, 10 fans in Section 2, Row P, stood in unison behind the plate and removed their shirts. Underneath, all 10 wore white T-shirts, and each one bore a red letter. The T-shirts spelled out A-B-A-J-O F-I-D-E-L, which translated means "Down With Fidel."

The fans silently delivered their message against Cuban President Fidel Castro for about five minutes and diverted some attention from a World Baseball Classic game that the Dominican Republic won, 7-3. Other fans disapproved of the political statement, presumably because it interfered with baseball, and chanted, "Fuera, fuera." That meant they wanted the 10 spectators to get out.

"We want down with Fidel," said Carlos Leal, one of the protesters. "This is a good opportunity to show the world that we want free elections in Cuba, the same thing as in the U.S."

When Leal, a Cuban who lives here, was asked if the group had been inspired by a fan who held an "Abajo Fidel" sign at Cuba's game against the Netherlands last Thursday, he said that its motivation was hatched much earlier.
And now for the quote that says it all!

"We've been getting this idea for the last 40 years," Leal said.
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Photo plucked from The Real Cuba.

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