Monday, March 20, 2006

Cuban team in shackles

Here is an article by Jesse Sanchez for about the Cuban team, now headed for their final encounter with Japan in the WBC finals.

The team is in one of the most beautiful cities of America, San Diego, which is riddled with fabulous entertainment and plenty of great siteseeing opportunities. But where do they take the team to a Habitat for Humanity construction site. Nothing against HFH, my son started his high school chapter and we are proud contributors. But believe me, there is nothing that the Cuban players can do to move the project forward, except that it may complete some type of promise made by fidel (for the Mariel fiasco) with President Jimmy "the peanut farmer" Carter.
If the Cuban officials decide it is a good idea to visit the Habitat for Humanity project near PETCO Park like they also did Sunday, that's what they do.
And they also decide when the players should speak. In the same way that Bud Selig (or fidel) decides when free speech is allowed at the ball parks.
Just like in the Major Leagues, Cuban players laugh and joke around before the start of most games. Unlike in the Major Leagues, Cuban players are always aware that a country official is watching them so they choose their words carefully.
A fan at Saturday's game in the seat in front of me kept saying, "look how happy they are," the Cubans he ment. The fan had the look a Californian surfer dude in his early 50's, but totally cool with fidel. At one point he indicated to his neighbor that he had been in Cuba. He pretty much represented the audience at Petco Park on Saturday.

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