Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Arriba fidel under construction

Deborah Dupont is an artist from Austin, TX that creates beautiful paintings. Her style and medium is unique. She works from black and white photographs, then colors them to create a unique work of art. I recently visited her webpage for the purpose of looking and selecting a piece that I could give my wife for Mother's Day. However, I noticed that in her portfolio under Cuba she has a piece under construction called "Arriba fidel. " I almost wrote the artist to inquire about the content of this new work of art, since a picture is not yet available. I did not. In my heart I knew that I would be extremely disappointed. I'll keep on looking!


Henry "Conductor" Gomez said...

Well she already corrected the typo.

Deborah DuPont said...

Hi Orlando-

Thank you for the mention and compliment in your blog. I enjoyed photographing in Cuba, but it was certainly much different than you see portrayed in the US media.

I have travelled fairly extensively and have never seen people so afraid of their government. It was a chilling experience. I will not return until the island is free.

The piece titled "Arriba Fidel" is of a beautiful stairway in what had become a tenament apartment house in Habana Centro. The entire wall had a long quote from Fidel; however, there was only room for his name (at the bottom of the quote) in my shot.

He is rather long-winded you know.

The title refers to the upward movement of the stair, with the name on the wall reflecting the deterioration of the surroundings.

I have added the image to my website at

Thanks again and it was nice to "meet" you in a cyber world kind of way.

Deborah DuPont

PS I hear there may be a big party in Miami very soon.