Thursday, March 02, 2006

No Visa For YOU!!

Visas were denied to Cuban literati, among these were "philosophers, economists, and historians." Lets see communist philosphers, and economists, how would they be quoted: "Communism is for the most part less profitable than capitalism."

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Cuban Academics Denied Visas for Meeting

HAVANA Cuban academics hoping to attend a gathering of Latin America experts in Puerto Rico were denied visas by the American government, marking the latest in the current U.S. administration's trend of shutting out Cubans.

Some 55 philosophers, economists, and historians were told last week they'd be unable to travel to this month's Latin American Studies Association congress in San Juan. Visa requests for four academics were still pending, said Sheryl Lutjens, an American political science professor at Northern Arizona University.

"These people represent strong scholars who think critically and who are often experts in their area where there are no others," said Lutjens, who co-chairs the association's Cuba section and is currently visiting the country. "This is alarming."

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