Thursday, March 02, 2006

So it is not really "free"

From the All Africa:
Liberian Students Face Hardship in Cuba

The NEWS (Monrovia)

Three Liberian students studying in Cuba have complained of hardship in that country. The students said they have been abandoned by past administrations since they traveled to that country in 2002.

The three students, Kesselly Kanneh, Patrick Konuwa and Famaha Wanuker said they are facing extreme hardship with little or no money to get around.

According to the students, they are on a scholarship program but since their arrival they have not received subsidy from government.

Speaking to this paper in a telephone interview from Cuba, the three students appealed to the government of President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf about their condition

"It is not easy in Cuba?we are dying here, and there is no money to get around," Patrick Conuwa emphasized.

The three students, who are studying physical rehabilitation and sports, disclosed that their passports have expired and there's no way of renewing them.

"We have written past governments to come to our rescue but to no avail?therefore we are appealing to President Sirleaf to come to our aid," the students who will be graduating next year pleaded.
African students complaining about how difficult it is to be in Cuba. If there is such a thing a the Fourth World, then Cuba is there.

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