Saturday, March 25, 2006

Homosexuals should be shot...

So declares the mother of Ollanta Humara, Elena Tasso. Humara is running for president in Perú on a nationalist agenda. The article in Spanish appears in El Mercurio Online, where she goes on to say that homosexuality is a "grave moral problem."
"Yo les apuesto a ustedes que con dos violadores fusilados ya no habría más violaciones. Y con dos homosexuales que se fusilen ya no habría en la calle tanta inmoralidad", dijo Tasso en entrevista que publica hoy el diario sensacionalista limeño "Extra".
Translation: "And I bet you that with two violators shot, there would be no more violations. And with two homosexuals that are killed there would be less inmorality in the street."

Link to rest of the story in Spanish.


Alberto Perales said...

Well, she would have to shoot a lot of them homosexuals. Has she thought about those who are homosexuals and look totally straight? Shooting some of them will not get rid of her perceived "problem."

tocororo_libre said...

damn! no wonder the spaniards left south america the way it is
A esos indigenas no quien los civilize.