Monday, March 06, 2006

Cuban characters

The picture you see here was lifted from Pravda. I mention this only to point out that it is representative of the photos that the Cuban government uses in its advertisement of the communist paradise. A look that is comically sad. Are these the Mickey Mouse and Goofys of the island? It is sad to think of all the ignorant and idiotic tourists that are lured to the island believing that this is the way a Cuban is supposed look.

Am I being oversensitive, or are these just unemployed medical professionsals helping out Cuban tourist industry?


La Ventanita said...

I completely understand your point, but from a photography point of view, and as knowers of the Cuban culture and knowing exactly what this picture represents, I have to tell you that this is a great picture!

Man tow santeras fumandose un tabaco in full costume. Priceless!

A. Perales said...

They are clowns, stereotypes that make me sick. This is the same as those Mexicans in Tijuana with the striped donkey and the Mexican hat. Besides, who walks around looking like that.

Orlando said...


You got the point, that is exactly what I am trying to say. I have been chastised for being critical, but these are the jokers and the clowns used to entertain the foreigners. Please understand, I am not trying to denegrade the ladies in the picture, they probably do not have a choice. I lived in Cuba, and don't ever remember anyone dressing up like this. And even if there is some cultural accuracy these are extremely exagerated. It's a mockery of Cubans.