Monday, September 04, 2006

Darsi: Bury this regime now

On September 1, Dr. Darsi Ferrer was arrested by the Cuban gestapo. A sticker with one word seems to have provoked the Cuban authorities and shook the Cuban revolution all the way down to its roots: CAMBIO [CHANGE]. So much so that they even attempted to murder his 5 year old son. ONE WORD! Dr. Darsi is now "free" and sends the following message (translated by yours truly) in Spanish via Miscelaneas de Cuba, H/T: Freethoughts.

A Call to the National Conscience

Juan Carlos Linares Balmaseda

September 4, 2006

Havana – “This is a call to all Cubans to bury this regime now,” exhorts activist for human rights Darsi Ferrer Ramírez, 36 years old, doctor by profession, and who resides on San Bernardino 265 located in the capital neighborhood of Santo Suárez.

Juan Carlos Linanes Bamaseda (JCB): Dr. Darsi’s account of the recent hostilities:

Darsi Ferrer Ramírez (DFR): “Past 2:00 in the morning of September 1, they knocked on my door with fury, and when I opened it there were several tens of police officers, many with guns in hand, and about a dozen patrol vehicles. Dressed in only pants, I was pushed and placed into one of the vehicles. They took me to the Aguilera police station in Lawton. When they took me out of the vehicle one of the guards made the statement: “these gusanos (worms) should be killed with blows.”

There, I made the state security responsible for whatever may happen to my son that was left alone back at the house, because my wife was taking care of her ill mother in another part of the capital. The boy is 5 years old, and a level 3 asthmatic. To make matters worse, and which I later found: my wife had to break open a window to be able to enter the house and she found the boy sleeping and an open gas valve on the stove, which constitutes a murder attempt. This goes beyond political or ideological differences. It is about those in uniform that are capable of killing children without any type of scruples.

As sunrise approached, they took me out from the jail cell for interrogation. They insisted in it because I had posted three stickers in public places in my block that said CAMBIO (CHANGE).

These interrogators were state security officials, and were not known to me, they were dressed in civil clothing and used pseudonyms, because they do not have the courage nor the honesty of giving their true identity. This is contrary to those of us who fight for a better Cuban society. At around 07:00 hours they released me and I had to return home barefooted and without a shirt. I looked like a psychiatric case walking through the streets.

In that same day of September 1, at around 12:00 noon, in the center of the Vedado neighborhood, I was arrested again. I was placed in a patrol vehicle and taken to the police station located on 21 and C, there another patrol vehicle took me again to the Aguilera station. Without an explanation or motive, one more time I ended up in a jail cell. At around 11:00 that night, they took me to be interrogated; these time two officers in green uniforms, with state security insignias. I was release at around 2:00 in the afternoon of September 2.

I reaffirmed to them that change is necessary, that the Cuban people are tired of so much abuse. That now is the time to determine and demand a new nation with real sovereignty, for all that remain on the island, and not keep fattening the sharks in the Florida Straights with Cubans desperate with their intention to emigrate. To keep the hope of the young from deteriorating. For children to no longer go to bed hungry and the powerlessness of their parent’s against this tragedy.”

JCB: Would you like to say anything else?

DFR: “Yes. I would like to call for all Cubans to unite, and I am referring to all the Cubans on the island and in exile, and specifically to all the opposition leaders, to understand with clarity that now is when their leadership is needed, being the channel at the forefront of peaceful civil disobedience. They should have the incentives to not cooperate in any way with the repressive actions of the regime, and to encourage the population with actions that are precise and solid. Like posting CAMBIO stickers in public places, and bringing their neighbors out of their litany and indifference. Moreover, I call on exiled Cubans to support us, and the organizations that fight for democracy in Cuba. Organizations not only inside Cuba, but those outside as well, and to eliminate their differences no matter how small, and together fight. My main message is that change is in each one of us Cubans. Fidel Castro has to abandon power now, and we cannot accept a succession of castrism.”

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A. Perales said...

He really has "balls" to do the things he does. It's a miracle he hasn't gone to prison permanently or beaten up by the turbas.