Monday, September 04, 2006

Castroite cyber-terrorists shut down site

Journalist Manuel Fuentes Wendling is shutting down his blog [don’t bother with the link, it no longer works]. The US service provider Data Center located in Atlanta will not allow, one of the few non-leftist blogs from Chile to publish again, at least not with them, clearly violating Mr. Fuente’s right to free speech and expression. What has published that has been so damning that would cause Data Center to shut it down? The site has been systematically attached by cyber-terrorists since July 26, at one point getting hits of over 20,000 per minute. It all started after the site published three bits of news concerning Cuba’s dying dictator fidel castro. Principally, it was the video showing fidel loosing his cool at the MERCOSUR summit in Argentina when journalist Juan Manuel Cao questioned him about allowing Dr. Hilda Molina to travel and see her family in Argentina. After that, the cyber-castroite-terrorists were let loose.

The war is on!

Mr. Fuentes denounced the shutting down of, and the censoring imposed by Data Center. Read his statement (Word document) in Spanish [here].

H/T Freethoughts


A. Perales said...

I found this article about the attacks very interesting. I had no idea that this was going on. Is he planning to open another blog in Google to replace the one closed?
I am also wondering what is there to do for folks like Linet et al, who publish their garbage and disseminate lies?

Orlando said...

I am not sure what Manuel's plans are for a new blog. I have e-mailed wondering about the same thing. He should not give up.