Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Surprise, yeah right!

Coca Evo Morales paid what is being described as a “surprise” visit to the docent cadaver of Havana. Seeking advice? Perhaps. A marionette does not move without the puppet master pulling the strings. Der Spiegel interviewed coca Evo before his Havana visit.

SPIEGEL: What influence did Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez have on the nationalization of Bolivia's natural resources?

Morales: None whatsoever. Neither Cuba nor Venezuela was involved. I managed the nationalization myself. Only seven of my closest associates knew about the decree and the date. Although I did meet Chavez and (Cuban leader) Fidel Castro in Cuba a few days before the announcement, we didn't talk about nationalization. I had already signed the decree before I departed for Cuba, and the vice president gave it to the cabinet. When Fidel asked me in Cuba how far the project had progressed, I told him that we planned to announce the nationalization in the coming days, but I didn't give him a date. Fidel warned me to wait until the constitutional convention. Chavez wasn't aware of anything.
Denial means yes!

SPIEGEL: Do you know how Castro is doing?

Morales: Yes, I spoke with him on the phone today. He has been feeling better for the last two days. He told me that he'll be well enough to attend the summit of nonaligned nations in Havana in September.

SPIEGEL: And he'll give a speech then?

Morales: Certainly. It's an opportunity he won't miss.
Folks, if the cadaver gives a's no surprise.

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A. Perales said...

That old fart is resilient, so don't count him off yet. Look how everybody thought he was ready to die but didn't.
Second, Evo is stirring the pot too much and may find himself with a rebellion in his hands from those on the eastern side of the country.
And I don't believe his story about not telling his mentor of his plans.