Friday, July 28, 2006

The priviledge?

They keep leaving, Cubans in rickety drafts made of anything that floats. They arrive in groups of 12, 15 or more, men, women and children. The lucky ones make it to shores of Florida or any US beach. The unlucky ones die or end up in Mexico or Honduras, countries willing to scoot them back into harms way even at gunpoint. Then there are the privileged ones, the artists, the scholars, the indentured servants that can travel freely to (not US) and from Cuba; as long as they understand and accept that their soul and their money is not theirs, but belong to the dictator master. Unfortunately, this is a double life for many, because it is the only way to work in a loved profession, and provide for family remaining on the island.
I've been away from Cuba for many years now, so I can appreciate the great things it has to offer - mainly the fact that everything is still wild. Cuba is a place to be in touch with nature, away from all the McDonald's and the Kentucky Fried Chicken outlets. This past year I've been so busy I haven't been able to return to Cuba for six months, but usually I go four or five times a year. I most look forward to seeing my family and remembering how to be normal again, doing simple things like enjoying the sea. And I always visit the places where I grew up.
Carlos Acosta is privileged.

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