Friday, July 21, 2006

Thank you Kahoons

This is supposed to be a story about heroes, and it is. However, what caught my attention was the dark side of the story, the side that makes you scratch your head in disbelief, and wonder what makes human beings act so wrongly against their kind.
"I saw the desperation," he said of the people in the boat. "They were definitely thirsty."

This comes from being at sea for 10 days. The people had left Cuba in a leaky boat they had built themselves with hopes of landing near Miami. They were some 1,000 km off course. Needless to say the Honduran authorities were less than pleased. Within minutes police had guns drawn and had issued orders for them to get back on the vessel and get back sailing. Kahoon, who found himself positioned between the guns and the boat, would have none of it.
I hope the Kahoons are now in Canada, telling their story about how they helped 17 Cubans who arrived at a distant shore in search of freedom and opportunity. But will Canadians who vacation on the communist paradise ever get it? Or does a cheap vacation trumps the suffering of millions?

Read the rest from the Toronto Sun [here].

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A. Perales said...

Lucky folks! They had an angel waiting for them in Honduras.