Friday, June 02, 2006

Ricardo Alarcón coming to Ft. Lauderdale (UPDATE)

UPDATE: Babalú has done the homework, and here is the list he has compiled of NAHJ members. You can send them your questions.

Media Contacts: Joseph Torres, (202) 662-7143; for general NAHJ information

Daniela Montalvo, (202) 662-7152

Executive Director
Ivan Roman

Deputy Director, Communications and Media Policy
Joseph Torres

Parity Project Director
Kevin Olivas

Development Director
Azuree Salazar

Finance Director
Jerry Crute

Parity Project Associate Director (West Coast)
Rosa Maria Santana

Parity Project Associate Director (Texas)
Michele Gonzalez

Professional Development Manager
Marissa Silvera

Educational Programs Manager
Christie Gomez

Communications and Research Coordinator
Daniela Montalvo

Membership Coordinator
Claudia Araujo

Executive Assistant
Yaneth Guillen

Parity Project Researcher/Administrative Assistant
Leticia Salazar

Program Assistant
Virginia Galindo

_____________________________June 1, 2006

Via satellite el cabezón de la Revolución, Ricardo Alarcón will attend the National Association of Hispanic Journalists’ convention this month in Fort Lauderdale.

Cuban activist Ninoska Pérez Castellón said she hopes journalists challenge Alarcón when he gives untruthful answers.

"I hope the journalists there have the integrity to ask him the questions that need to be asked," she said. "Every time we see Alarcón interviewed ... he gives a ridiculous answer and they just sit there and take it."
The Sun-Sentinel has the rest of the story.


Alfredo said...

Why don't us bloggers start compiling questions and send them to those journalist? Iknow they will probaably ignore us, but can you imagine them reading our questions and who knows one might slip through!

Orlando said...

It is probably a good idea, and I think we should try. As to them ignoring the question, you bet they will! To journalists (from the MSM) bloggers are nothing more than a piece of gum stuck to the sole of their shoes. They will try not to upset el cabezón.