Friday, June 02, 2006

Mirta Ojitos' Schedule

Here is Mirta Ojito's 2006 appearance schedule. It seems like her next appearance is in Ft. Lee, NJ on June 10, 2006 (that's 8 days from now). Here is an opportunity for our friends in the NY/NJ/CT/PA area to pay a visit and hand her in person the questions you would like ther to ask el cabezón de la revolución Ricardo Alarcón. You already know where she is going to be June 14 - 17, kissing commie ass. If applicable, I'll apologize after the interview.

Ojitos' e-mail:, (one of these has to work).


A.Perales said...

What is the purpose of an interview with someone like Alarcón? This is a total waste of time. He will go over all the evils things the U.S. has done to Cuba and circumvent or deflect any questions about freedom of expression, Internet usage, etc. And I can't believe that this woman who fled through Mariel would waste her time on such a person.

Orlando said...

i will reserve my final judgement on Ms. Ojito until after her interview with el cabezón. From he little I have read about her, she is one of those dialogueros, which is why she can show up to book signing and not have castristas hounding her like they do with Zoe Valdes and Raul Rivero. Why not ask Raul Rivero to conduct the interview, that would be kick in the pants.

Alfredo said...

Dont you wish we could ask "Tricky Ricky" some questions? Always the same, they will probably have some softball questions and the usual.
What the heck I am going to flood them with questions to mess with them

A.Perales said...

Yes, that should be interesting but doubt that Alarcón would allow it. I read her book and what called my attention was that the family was somewhat apolitical. Alarcón is an astute person, one who will be able to go around the questions posed and come out unscathed. He will be well prepared.