Friday, June 02, 2006

Cuba defends its medical "miracle."

It seems that the recent story in the Jamaima Gleaner expressing concerns that Cuba's "free" eye operations, which pose a threat to Jamaicans has touched a nerve with the Cuban regime.
ARMED WITH statistics and testimonies from satisfied patients, Gisela Garcia Rivera, Cuban Ambassador to Jamaica, has hit back at critics of the 'Miracle Operation' eye surgery programme.

The doctors have pointed to patients who, having undergone surgery in Cuba, have developed complications since being back in Jamaica.

"We do understand, however, that for the persons with the problems, these statistics will provide no comfort. That is why the Government and people of Cuba are committed to them until the end. Even if they have to go back to Cuba for further treatment. We will do whatever is necessary. Even if they need a transplant. We will not let the patients down," said Mrs. Garcia Rivera.
Wow, a transplant! Which is a medical impossibility. There are 1.1 million little nerves that would require reattachment, and the technology simply does not exist nor the expertise, much less in Cuba. Perhaps a cornea transplant is what the ambassador is talking about, but that will require donors and with all their fu*k ups will mean many donors. Moreover, all this is provided by the benevolent Cuban regime “at no cost.” At no cost to whom? The Cuban people have paying the price and continue to pay a very high price.

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