Saturday, May 27, 2006

Cuban medicine, not so miraculous

Take a minute and visit The Real Cuba and click on the "Free Health Care?" banner, and then tell me if it is still worth it to go to Cuba for a free eye operation. Albeit, the squalid conditions that you will see are reserved for the Cuban people, foreigners will get slightly better attention, because such is the nature despotic beast. However, Jamaicans are finding out that "free" carries a high price.

Eye surgery hopes dashed Patients suffer complications after Cuba
LESS THAN a year after the 'Miracle Operation' programme, which allows Jamaicans with serious eye problems to visit Cuba free of charge to receive treatment from that nation's top ophthalmologists, several patients are now suffering from serious complications.

According to Dr. Albert Lue, head of the ophthalmology department at Kingston Public Hospital (KPH), several patients who have received eye surgery in Cuba are experiencing poor visual activity.

"The main complication that is causing this problem is the cornea," Dr. Lue said. "The front of the eye gets very cloudy and this is usually because of poor surgical techniques."

He said that in a survey of 60 patients who recently returned to Jamaica, three persons are now visually impaired, while 14 are suffering serious corneal damage. Read more.


ConservativeTrail Head said...

I would rather eat shit than allow myself to be treated by a communist doctor. Because only a comemierda would voluntarily allow themselves to be treated by Castro's pseudo-doctors.

Johnny Cuban said...

Osama Bin Laden is having his sex-change operation with a Cuban doctor.

Orlando said...

Johny, we should all be so lucky!