Saturday, April 01, 2006

Pinche europeos

The wild eyed leftist Nativo López claims that he is not discouraged by the lower than expected turnout at today's "immigration" demosntration in Costa Mesa. But wait for May 1, he says.
Attendance at the rally — held during on-and-off rainfall — fell short of some expectations. Costa Mesa organizers estimated that 2,000 people in all attended today's rally at its peak. Shortly after the rally began, Costa Mesa Police Chief John Hensley estimated the crowd at 600, but the numbers grew as the weather improved. By noon, police estimated the crowd at 1,500.
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In response to the sign, pictured above, if we have any "illegal Europeans" in the country since 1492, don't you think that is about time they are given amnesty? However, if they arrived in this century and are here illegally, then send them back! I though, I rather make fun of the sign rather than call on its true racist message.

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Alberto Perales said...

It rankles me when I see the signs such as the one in the picture or the one that state that the border crossed them and not the other way around.
This is what happens when the government allows folks to come in illegally and doesn't carry out a massive deportation, disallows their children from being citizens, etc. Now we have the problem and folks calling, once again, for another amnesty. There will never be an end to this.
Here's an interesting article that I found regarding immigration reform. It's about two sisters, daughters of a bracero, who are fighting against illegal immigration. They live in Santa Ana.