Monday, April 03, 2006

10 makes 63...(Update)

The number of Cuban rafters escaping the island keeps growing. Ten more just arrived in Isla de Mujeres in the Mexican state of Quintana Roo, where their future is yet to be determined. Although, Mexico’s hypocritical policy is to send the "indocumentados" back to the island at the dictator's bequeath. This group now makes 63 the number that have arrived (and processed) year-to-date in the region.

The story in Spanish appears in the El Universal.

No Mexican rafters have been reported heading for Cuba.

Update: It turns out that there is a second group that the Mexican authorities have not been able to find. The raft in which the "ilegales" as the newspaper call them was found, but not Cubans. Keep moving North boys!

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Alberto Perales said...

You know they are either too white or too dark to pass themselves for Mexican, then eventually they are deported.
Mexico has never wanted any Cubans there. They pick and choose but then claim racism and prejudice from the United States. As always, a double standard applies here.