Tuesday, April 04, 2006

A bleep on Fariñas

Cuban dissident marks two months on hunger strike

HAVANA, Cuba (AFP): A Cuban dissident journalist on Friday marked two months on a hunger strike to demand Internet access, a member of his government-outlawed agency said.

Guillermo Farinas's condition is now "weak," according to his Cubanacan agency colleague Niurvys Diaz.

"His health is weak, ... he has anemia and is in serious but stable condition," Diaz said Thursday.

Farinas, 42, insists on staying on the strike, begun January 31, because the Americas' only one-party communist government cut off the Internet access he was using in a cybercafe -- with a phone card paid for in hard currency -- to transmit his agency's news reports.

Farinas, who works in Santa Clara, has been arrested several times for his anti-government activities, dissident sources said.

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