Sunday, October 08, 2006

Worshiping mass murderers

Columnist Paul Jackson has a problem with the cult worship of mass murderers like che and Mao. I know that you erudite people have heard it all before, but the only way to learn the lesson is by repetition.
Seeing red over Che togs
Cult 'hero' cold-blooded executioner

I walk into a store on Stephen Avenue Mall and start browsing through the various knickknacks on display.

Then I stalked -- not walked -- out.

Prominently on display were Che Guevara sweatshirts and caps. Seething, I head to the nearest bar. And just as quickly, head out again.

The fellow be-hind the bar was wearing a Mao Zedong sweatshirt.

Why my disgust?

Well, to the uninitiated -- to the uneducated -- Che Guevara and Mao were two of the most evil mass murderers of the 20th century.

Guevara was named as "Fidel Castro's executioner" by Cuban writer Humberto Fontova, and it is estimated Mao slaughtered as many as 80 million of his own people.
This is why a Victims of Communism Memorial is necessary.

Read more of Jackson’s column [here].


Anonymous said...

Siempre hay que repetir estas cosas.
Tenemos que seguir luchando para desenmascarar falsos mitos como los de el hijo de puta ese de Guevara, entre otros.


Alberto P. R. said...

And to think that this past Monday, I had to call the office for being "sick" when a student showed up with a Che shirt over the Cuban flag. I refuse to spend 95 min. of class with someone wearing one of those staring back at me.

Orlando said...


¿Tuviste la oportunidad de explicarle al pobre confundido?

Alberto P. R. said...

Orlando, no vale la pena meterse en ese problema con estudiantes de 15 anos que no comprenden y lo pueden tomar como una manera de molestarlo a uno. La directora vino y me hablo y le conte lo mal que me sentia con ese asunto, asi que me dio permiso para ausentarme si vuelve a clase. De por si, por que tengo yo que ausentarme? El VP me dijo el semestre pasado que llevar la imagen de Che no era lo mismo que la de Hitler. Entonces, que pasaria si llevara la imagen de César Chávez (como me dijo la secretaria) tachada.