Sunday, October 08, 2006

Little bro claims that big bro is not dying

Raúl castro wants you to know that the Time magazine article that reported that the fossil fidel has terminal cancer, is not true, that his big bro is not dying. I just think that it is somewhat funny that regardless of what publication reports it, it always blamed on the Miami press. Did the Miami Herald (ext. Granma) fail Havana? Dammit you guys, he is going to live to 100.
"He is not dying like some of the press in Miami is saying," Raul Castro told a youth congress in Havana. "He is constantly getting better."
Go [here] for the rest of the story.


Charlie Bravo said...

Oh well, the guy's dead as far as I am concerned. Maybe still breaths a bit, but he's politically dead, his relevance has gone down the toilet.
Little brother has to go back to his moonshine and shut up.

Alberto P. R. said...

What's the point of rushing? He'll die when his time is up. Besides, is it better to die slowly from a terminal disease or quickly in a matter of a day?