Saturday, October 28, 2006

Castro's walking cadaver appears on Cuban tele

Le zumba el mango y le ronca los cojones, the old fossil appeared on video on Cuban television today wearing an Adidas tracksuit embroidered with “F. CASTRO.” I think that the “F” stands for “FUCK.” For about 7 minutes the ghostly castro read the national Cuban toilet paper (Granma), babbled a bunch of nonsense, walked, and even “used” the telephone; the telephone that he uses several times a day, according to him to talk to his "compañeros." He looks no better than he did 40 days ago, and makes less sense than ever.

They can show a thousand feet of video reel of the senile son of a bitch moving and talking, but as far as things go, he is as good as DEAD!

Check out the video by clicking [here].

H/T Abajo Fidel, Castrianism, Contactocuba

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