Monday, September 18, 2006

Why does the Grim Ripper insists in toying with us?

Please do not misunderstand me, I do not wish anyone ill will or worse, death. However, when it comes to commies, and specifically commies with blood [Cuban] on their hands, then Grimie could not be a better friend. But what sin have we committed that all Grimie does is joke with us? One day he takes a dictator to the brink of death, and before you know it, the same dictator is swapping spit with other tyrants in training. Ba-hum-bug!

Well he is playing us again!
Raúl's wife believed to be very ill

The woman who often served as Cuba's first lady, the wife of acting leader Raúl Castro, is believed to be seriously ill with colon cancer.


As Raúl Castro rules Havana while his brother Fidel recovers from surgery, Cuba watchers say Raúl's longtime wife, Vilma Espín, is also believed to be seriously ill.

Although there's been no official word out of Cuba, reports of Espín's illness have been making the rounds in South Florida as the woman who often served as the island's first lady misses more and more important events.

Espín has been president of the Cuban Federation of Women for all of its 46 years, and for the first time last month missed its annual anniversary celebration.

The Holguín-based newspaper Ahora recently published a letter Espín wrote for last year's anniversary, suggesting that she was not even well enough to pen a statement this year.

Espín also did not attend the 13th Latin American congress on sexology and sexual education in Brazil, where she was to receive an award. And radio station CMHW in the central city of Santa Clara referred to her last month in the maudlin terms often reserved for the very sick or dead, saying she was the ``eternal guide of the newborn motherland.''

Last month, El Nuevo Herald published a story on the spreading word of Espín's ill health, including one report that she may be suffering from colon cancer. [More]


Alberto P. R. said...

Given her age, she may survive the cancer. Older folks' cancer is slower to spread than those younger; nevertheless, we don't know the seriuosness and extent of hers.

Charlie Bravo said...

Hey, good, we had this as a rumor circulating in Havana a few weeks ago (KillCastro reported) so now they are coming with this confirmation....
I hope you don't mind I copy you on KillCastro!

Srcohiba said...

The castro bros. are so vile, not even the grim reaper or lucifer himself wants them