Tuesday, September 19, 2006

This from Amazon

I've just received this great offer from Amazon, fortunately I can still buy paper toilet in bulk at Costco.


Srcohiba said...

I wouldn't even wipe my ass with this crap. It is more fit to line bird cages or to cover the floor when your potty training your great dane

Anonymous said...

Se la comieron! Unbelievable! "The Shit Handbook" would be a better name for it. What a joke.

tocororo_libre said...

wow! fidel castro's handbook?
that sounds familiar to me.
I wonder were this idiotic author got the inspiration from?

scorhiba I think youll need to have two copys of that handbook since the great dane is big dog
and big=big poop

el polaco said...

Remember That Idoit George Galloway is that English MP who was on Saddam Hussein's payroll ( which he denies but the US found the documents in Iraq ) he is open marxist who calls Bush and Blair the worst blood libels.... considers Hussein a great man.... etc.

He came to the US and 'defended' himself before the Senate by pure demogoguery and invective

Enrique said...

Democracy at its best....We can buy here any fidel's books

But cubans cant get Montaner, Zoe, Rivero...

Vaya usted a saber