Friday, September 22, 2006

Remove the eyesore

And the sign too!
Chavez remarks prompts city councilor to seek removal of famed sign

BOSTON The controversy over remarks by Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez (OO'-goh CHAH'-vez) is prompting a member of Boston's City Council to call for the removal of the famed Citgo sign in Kenmore Square.
Citgo is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Venezuela's state oil company.

Councilor Jerry McDermott says the flashing Citgo sign should be taken down and replaced by an American flag. He tells the Boston Herald it would be a way for the city to show its displeasure with Chavez, who referred to President Bush as "the devil" during a speech at the United Nations.

The Citgo sign has been a Boston landmark for decades, in part because it is so prominently visible over the left-field wall at Fenway Park.

An attempt by Citgo to dismantle the sign in the 1980s was abandoned after strong opposition from the city.

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