Friday, September 22, 2006

Cigto: the dictator's gas, don't buy it!

I did a little checking and found that there are four Citgo gas stations within 15 miles of my home. I am proud to say that I had to look them up, because I sincerely did not know their locations. I have not patronized these businesses since el burro de Chávez took over the company in the name of the Bolivarian revolution. Papa Val at Babalú is calling for strengthening the Citgo boycott; “…drive down to the next Amoco of Shell or Mobil and bypass your local Citgo station when gassing up.” However, I do not think that it should stop there. We should be asking Citgo spoke hole Florida Marlins slugger Miguel Cabrera to explain his position on Citgo, which in essence is about his views on Chávez after this burro cagó all over New York.
HOUSTON - May 31, 2006 --- CITGO Petroleum Corporation today announced the expansion of its baseball marketing effort with the signing of Florida Marlins slugger, Venezuelan-born Miguel Cabrera to a multi-year contract to serve as the Florida face of CITGO in its new Energia Latina marketing campaign. He will also be actively engaged in the community on our behalf, supporting youth-related programs and baseball clinics in the area.
This is just one sample out of many. Others like Univision that take advertisement and sponsorships from Citgo should be just as accountable. For now we do what we can; therefore, do not gas up at Citgo, go right pass it. To locate your nearest Exxon-Mobil station go [here].

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