Monday, August 14, 2006

Tyrant not dead, yet!

Here is the video of crowned prince Huguito Chavez visiting fidel at his bedside. The video runs a little over 5 minutes of meaningless conversation, mostly Chavez talking, when he is not ass kissing. WARNING: This video may cause involuntary spasmic movements, causing you to eject part or all of the contents in your stomach. And that is just the raul castro part.

H/T: Abajo Fidel


A. Perales said...

What's this business of Chavez holding Fidel's hand or touching him? Does he have a crush on him? It's weird.

Orlando said...

It is weird isn't it? Did you see how the camara focuses on that, a very well edited tape where every touch by mini-me is recorded. Yeach!