Monday, August 14, 2006

I am back

I am just catching up with things after taking some needed “rest” in Las Vegas. Well, let us not call it rest let us call it distraction. Anyone that has been to LV knows it is not the place for rest. I am not much of a gambler; however, when I do play it is the roulette. It is very random and very little thinking is involved, which suits me fine. I kept on top of the news by checking my cell phone, which has internet access capability. It is automatically programmed to Babalublog, who else? The only news that interested me during vacation was the news that would dictate how much additional celebration was required of me. Of course, I am referring to the death of a certain bearded tyrant.

Well, I am now at home, and have finally been able to view the photos of the "recuperating" fidel, published in the national toilet paper of Cuba, Granma. The funniest is the one in the Adidas jacket, which makes fidel looks like a hip-hop caricature, less the reversed baseball cap. I would be lying if I did not tell you that it was disappointing to see the photos.

This photo in particular bothered me. Cubans in general love ice cream (I think that is what crowned prince chavecito and the tyrant are eating), and to many is a distant memory or difficult to find any. Right now you can step out your house, get in your 2006 Lexus, go to the nearest supermarket and go directly to the ice cream freezer case, and return home without any ice cream becuase you had too many choices and could not make up your mind. The photo is simply a slap across the face of all Cubans, who struggle to find their daily subsistence, and on many days yielding little or no results, much less the luxury of a scoop of ice cream.

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