Friday, August 11, 2006

Seth gets it

I do not know who Seth Gordon is, but he is not wearing wearing liberal pink colored glasses.
Seth Gordon: Cap Times knows nothing of Castro's Cuba
A letter to the editor

Dear Editor: As a New York-born liberal Democrat raised and educated in Boston, but who has lived in Miami long enough to understand the reality of Fidel Castro's butchery, I was awed by the immeasurable ignorance reflected in The Capital Times editorial about Castro.

Your reference to "gains in health care and education" echo the Southern slave owners' rationale that their black chattel ate well in their comfy hovels.

If I had suffered the fate of the Cuban people at the hands of this vulgar and blood-thirsty monstrosity, I would be doing more than simply dancing in the streets at the prospect of his imminent death.

I admire their restraint.

Seth Gordon
Miami, Fla.

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