Friday, August 11, 2006

Returning home

What a mess! I was running late for the flight home, and since I usually do not check any bags when taking short trips, I proceeded directly to the security checkpoint. The security line in Phoenix was long and more chaotic than usual. Right at the entrance of the zigzagging line, an airline employee and a TSA employee were providing instructions that anyone carrying liquids, gels, toothpastes, etc., will have to have either to check it in with the airline or discard the items. I went back downstairs to the 2nd floor to check my one bag carrying all the toiletries, but that line serpentined for at least a mile, and it was moving very slowly. Forget it! I went back upstairs to the security point and to the disposal bin placed just for that purpose. All the contents of my toiletry bag, including the water bottle were discarded, overall, about $100 worth of products. BASTARDS! To boot all the airlines were running late, at least an hour late, mine included.

As a response the latest terrorist attempts, Muslims are getting on the media, and instead of denouncing terrorism, and loudly standing with the majority of America, they are more worried about their “image” and saving their own hide. Here a little advice, next time you go to the mosque and see and hear anything suspicious, don’t keep quiet, report it to the authorities. Keeping quiet makes you (all Muslims) complicit.

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