Tuesday, August 08, 2006

The MSM parrots

Fidel Castro has been among the world's longest-ruling leaders, outlasting nine US presidents.
How would you interpret this sentence? It is a favorite ending sentence of the BBC, appearing in several articles about Fidel [here and here are examples]. No need to read the entire article just move your eyes the bottom of the page. It is an irking statement to any Cuban exile, a reminder of the years that have kept us away from our beloved soil; it is like rubbing salt on an open wound, which is the context in which it is presented. This is a clever way for the MSM to point out how their admiration and durable fidel has been, while thumbing his nose at imperialism (the US).

They fail to point out the fidel is the only leader in the Western Hemisphere that was never elected to office, and in 47 years has never held a free election. Meanwhile, the MSM ignores this, and continues to blindly Xerox the same old mantra published in Cuba’s national toilet papers.

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Alberto Perales said...

They apparently don't remember the word dictator. A leader is supposed to be someone people look up to and that's not the case here.