Tuesday, August 08, 2006

A dichotomy

On March 30, 1981, the demented John Hinckley shot Ronald Reagan; this picture of the President in a bathrobe was taken four days after the incident. A .22 caliber-exploding bullet (that miraculously did not explode) entered the chest under the left arm. The President lost a great deal of blood and suffered a collapsed lung. Yes, POTUS was quickly recovering, and there were the pictures to prove it, and the nation breathed a sigh of relief and the enemy trembled.

Ten days ago the tyrant fidel castro was operated from intestinal bleeding, so they say. He ceded control of the nation to his equally abhorrent brother raulito and a couple of other high-level mucky-mucks. No one has seen fidel and no has seen raul, there are no pictures, speeches, and/or statements by either one [even dough fidel is quickly recovering, and apparently sending messages]. In the country, the army has been mobilizing, showing their presence, and fear, and uncertainly abounds. Where are the mucky-mucks? They are far away from the Cuba, collecting frequent miles.

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