Sunday, August 27, 2006

Hurricane castro and his toll

Katrina was one of the most destructive- most costly-disaster in US history, with an estimated 1,500 lives lost. There is really no need to link this statement to any particular website, on this the first anniversary there will be plenty of reminders including finger pointing. Katrina is now history, but hurricane castro has endure for more than 47 years, with a force that has devastated Cuba economically, morally, and stripped its people of hope. The death toll by hurricane castro is estimated at over 90,000 dead Cubans. If you do not believe me, pay a quick visit to, and read this article about the selfless folks that are doing the count. Here is a paragraph that I found particularly interesting and telling.
"We need to put the focus on the victims," said Werlau, seated inside the townhouse where she lives and works. "Unfortunately, Cuban exile groups have focused too much on the politics instead of those killed, their families. We have to remember this is not about us."


Alfredo said...

the nightmare continues and hopefully soon cuba will be FREE and the world will finally realize all the atrocities!!!

A. Perales said...

I don't know if you've ever been to Key West and visited La Casa del Balsero, where on the wall of one room you find cards of those who left Cuba and have not been found. This room impacted me the same way the Viet Nam Memorial did in Washington. It's tragic!

Orlando said...


No, I have not been there, but I will make it a point to visit during my next trip to Miami.