Thursday, July 20, 2006

Pack your bags you are going on a trip

"...learn how Cuba became a leader in organic and urban agriculture."
Oh, by the way to qualify you must be a "full time farmer." Because, US farmers are inefficient, use too much chemicals, and do not produce enough to supply the US, the world and Cuba. The world's greatest producer of crops needs to learn for the world's worst. Even if you just have a couple of tomato plants (or pot plants) growing on a clay pot on your window sill, you qualify, you are a farmer!


Anonymous said...

learn English if you want to be taken seriously. i.e the differece between 'you're' and 'your'

Orlando said...

Thank you for the advise, and since it is coming from a Brit (195.195.29.# Keighley College), I am not offended. Now you can kiss my ass, oh, I'm sorry arse!

A. Perales said...

He couldn't get "difference" right in his response.
I am amazed by the stupidity of academia when it prepares a trip to Cuba to learn about organic farming. Since when has Cuba been able to feed itself after Castro's takeover?
All they have to do is come to the San Joaquin Valley and visit the farmers who grow organic fruits. And it won't cost thousands.