Thursday, July 20, 2006

Just when I thought, I had things figured out

then this:

EVO MORALES becomes first Nican Tlaca (Indigenous) leader of Bolivia. Morales has as his mentor Chavez of Venezuela. Chavez has as his mentor Fidel Castro. Castro has JUSTICE as his mentor. Even the white man Fidel Castro can see that justice is necessary for the Nican Tlaca people, and the African people of Cuba. Perhaps other European descent people like Castro can help bring liberation to all Nican Tlaca. We still have hope that European descent people can help, but not dominate, in the liberation process.
I guess Che is too white, but fidel, well he is plain just. ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRG!

Read more of this basura [here].

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A. Perales said...

I don't know how anyone can read the crap they write. My blood just boils. Talk about a racist group! I guess they don't have a mirror nearby. Besides, they are mestizos and can't claim being indigineous.

I don't know what part of Southern Cal you live but plan to be in O.C. all next week visiting my mother.