Monday, July 17, 2006

It is still ONE WAY, out of Cuba

Cuban-American Pundits directs us to an article about Hondura’s efforts to curb the migration of Cubans landing in Honduran shores. Mexico is not too far behind, their goal is to reduce or eliminate the “illegal” influx of Cubans, read article (in Spanish) [here].
El año pasado, añadió, llegaron a México alrededor de 12,500 cubanos, de los cuales 2,500 fueron turistas, y hubo un número similar de indocumentados, de los cuales 500 eran balseros y 2,000 ingresaron por Centroamérica.

Last year…approximately 12,500 Cubans arrived in Mexico, of which 2,500 were tourists, and about an equal number of undocumented, of which 500 were rafters and 2,000 entered by way of Central America.
Is this a coincidence, or a concerted effort, and who is directing it? One thing is for sure the Wet Foot/Dry Foot policy that that allows Cubans to stay in the US when their first step onto solid sand is archaic and genocidal, the rug is always in a state of being lifted from under them. Cubans will continue to leave and risk their lives as long as the warden fidel castro (or any castro) remains on the island.


A. Perales said...

I can understand Honduras trying to curb the arrival of Cubans brought there by smugglers, especially a small, poor country where even their own are coming here.
On the other hand, I always felt that Mexico has handled the same situation in a cruel manner, knowing what happens to these folks when they return to the island.
I recall years ago when these Cubans had arrived in Cancun and quickly shipped back, even after they were crying thinking of the consequences of their return, while Cubans in Miami were mad about the Mexican response.

Orlando said...

I truly believe that these countries act they way they do towards fleeing Cubans is because they are bending over for fidel.