Thursday, June 29, 2006

More on the Island of Dr. castro.

In January I posted about the ongoing effort to make transsexuals a state (Cuba) sponsored and protected class, including offering operations. This has been the work of Mariela Castro (raul castro's daughter, fidel castro's niece), who leads the National Center for Sex Education, and with her high connections in the Cuban leadership she is sure to be successful. Is this the daughter carrying out her father's unfulfilled dreams? Perhaps. Is Cuba heading towards extending their "Operation Miracle" to include gender operations along with cataracts?
Castro niece fights for new revolution
Thu Jun 29, 2006 8:46 AM ET

By Esteban Israel

HAVANA (Reuters) - Mariela Castro is leading a Cuban revolution less well known than her Uncle Fidel's: one in favor of sexual tolerance within the island's macho society.

Castro, 43, is leading the charge from her government-funded National Center for Sex Education, based in an old Havana mansion.

As director of the group, she promoted a soap opera that scandalized many Cubans in March by sympathetically depicting bisexuality. The controversial show depicted, among other story lines, the life of a construction worker who leaves his wife and children for the man next door.

Now President Castro's niece is pushing for passage of a law that would give transsexuals free sex change operations and hormonal therapy in addition to granting them new identification documents with their changed gender. Read the rest [here].

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