Monday, January 30, 2006

The Island of Dr. Fidel

Babalú has an astonishing post on how Venezuelans are dying after being operated for cataracts in Cuba for “free.” There have been at least four such reports, but these are just the ones that are known.

Coincidently, this reminds me of an article that I read earlier this month where the Cuban parliament may be considering a proposal to authorize sex change operations and modifying identity papers to diagnosed transsexuals. The principal promoter is Mariela Castro Espín head of the National Center of Sexual Education (CENESEX)…if the last name sounds familiar; well she is Raúl’s (fidel’s less macho brother) daughter.

Why is Cuba even considering this, when homosexuals have absolutely no rights in Cuba? It would be fruitless to send Communist missionaries to Venezuela, Bolivia or Pakistan to convert the homosexuals (to turn them into hombres), it just would not happen. Ah, but you can mobilize thousands of doctors and offer “free” sex change operations. After all it is an actual medical procedure. Many transsexuals would be grateful (the ones that survive) to the Cuban revolution for giving them the Danny to Maritza transformation. It would another great accomplishment of the revolution. And the benevolent dictator can then offer to fly Cuban airplanes to San Francisco and offer free operations to 150,000 breasted men that are still sporting a penis. The pictures will show airplanes loaded with “ladies” and their prominent Adam’s apple returning with a few less body parts, but grateful. And thus a new breed of fidel loving Communist will emerge in size 11 PRADA heels.

The article is in Spanish here.

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