Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Ready, set...GAG!

This is some type of cubamentary to be shown in Australian tele. A Western Heart gets it.


By Judy Adamson
May 23, 2006

Still in the grip of American sanctions, Cuba makes its own opportunities.

If you were asked which neighbour of the US had a lower infant mortality rate - and exported vaccines (for reasonable prices) to poor countries - you'd probably be hard pressed to come up with the answer.

Still in the grip of American sanctions, Cuba has had to make its own opportunities. Pharmaceutical companies won't sell vaccines there so the country manufactures its own and, with little high-tech medical equipment, the Cubans do a pretty impressive job.

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Henry "Conductor" Gomez said...

That article is blatantly false. Cuba can purchase medicines from the US the same way they purchase food. With CASH. They have been able to do this for more than 4 years.