Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Fox: Coming to Alta California

Well he is here, el Presidente de Alta California is here for the official take over of the state. Folks California is ground zero, the front line in the illegal alien invasion. The state bleeds to the tune of $10 billion for entitlements and services provided to illegal aliens . You can classify that as “we are loosing the war,” and as for that I do not mind paying $1 more my lettuce. Shit, I just won't eat lettuce. Mexico’s economic growth is directly proportional to the number of illegal Mexicans crossing our border, which amounts to about $20 billion in remittances to Mexico. Building a wall on the border is not in Mexico’s best economic interest, but is it is in the US’ best security interest.

Governor says he'll talk immigration problems with Fox

SACRAMENTO (AP) - Governor Schwarzenegger says he'll tell Mexican President Vincente Fox that his government needs to do more to stop illegal immigration into the United States when the two meet tomorrow.

But Schwarzenegger says he won't get confrontational and suggest that Mexico should pay for health care, education, incarceration and other state costs incurred by undocumented immigrants.

Fox is scheduled to spend tomorrow and Friday in California at the tail end of a four-day trip to the United States. It will be his first visit to the state since 2001.

It comes as illegal immigration has resurfaced as one of the top political issues in the United States.

Meanwhile, Mexico has just deported 57 Cubans back to millionaire castro's plantation. Why? Because, Mexico is enforcing its laws? Cubanet has the story.


A. Perales said...

There will not be any effort from the part of the Mexican government to stop Mexicans from leaving their country. It is to their benefit to get rid as many as possible for many reasons. Imagine if Mexico had not had the escape valve on its northern border. It may have had another revolution from the have-nots.
And then Miss Mexico demands better treatment for her people. What treatment do they offer those from Central America and other countries that use Mexico as a way to get here? It rankles me when I hear them complain and complain about their countrymen.

Johnny Cuban said...

Most countries like Mexico treat any illegal aliens or political refugees like human garbage, and these refugees often die while in the custody of nations like the Bahamas.