Monday, May 01, 2006

My day without illegal aliens

As I expected, today was an easy commute to work, a lot less cars on the road. A trip that typically takes me 1.5 hours one way, took only 50 minutes, truly a joy driving in Southern California today! Another pleasant surprise that could not have happened on a better day, I finalized negotiations on a $2 million project for my company. This project will contribute about $100K in taxes and fees to the economy, not to mention the number of employees that will create to complete the project.

Today, I also took the opportunity and replaced my home’s water heater. It cost me about $500 to purchase, including the additional parts that I needed for the installation. I paid 7.75% in taxes for this purchase, and I did the installation myself saving almost $400 in labor costs. At a minimum, I contributed more income into the economy in just one day, than 25 illegal aliens in one year, if they paid any taxes.

My two complaints for today. The price of gas,

and the car wash was closed. One less place to patronize.

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