Monday, May 01, 2006

Hello customer service

yes, can you help me por favor? We keep looking out to sea, and see only balseros and no cement.
Promised cement from Cuba fails to show
Twenty thousand tonnes of cement scheduled to arrive from Cuba last week have not yet arrived.

This was revealed by Information Minister Colin Campbell at the weekly post Cabinet press briefing Monday afternoon.

According to the minister, it is not yet known when the shipment will arrive.

This disclosure follows concern expressed by the Incorporated Master Builders Association.

The association's President, Michael Archer, told RJR News that members are disappointed with the manner in which Caribbean Cement Company is dealing with the issue of compensation to persons affected by the recent faulty cement problem.

He said the Cement Company has not been providing timely information on how affected persons will be compensated.

Carib Cement's management says it is prepared to offer full compensation, where appropriate, to persons affected by the release of sub-standard product.

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