Sunday, April 30, 2006

Work Sunday, demonstrate on Monday

Today, Sunday of all days I am having my house painted by a Japanese owned company. That's right not all contractors in Southern California are Mexican; although, here is the glitch. Originally we contracted for the work to start May 1, and wrapping it up on May 2. However, the idea of painting on Sunday did not come up until yersterday, when the owner of the company called requesting a schedule change. It was not until the painters started arriving this morning, that I realized the reason behind the change...the painters are Mexican, and tomorrow May 1 is "their day off," or at least the paint company owners are anticipating that they will take off.

Right now they are working very hard to finish a 2-day job in one day.


A. Perales said...

You stated earlier that you may find fewer cars on your way to work. Are the demonstrations in downtown L.A. or elsewhere in the metro area?

Orlando said...

It is going to affect many of the Los Angeles sorrounding areas, but more particularly Los Angeles. Initially it was supposed to be a day "without immigrants" staying at home and not participating in any business activities. Now there is talk of nothing but demonstrations.

machete said...

I hope they finished yesterday.

Orlando said...


They did finished yesterday, and I would like to add they did a very good job. I also payed them very well for it.